About The Vizsla Breed

The Vizsla History The “Vizsla”, which means ‘pointer’ in Hungarian, is considered one of the oldest hunting dogs. Etchings dating back to the 10th century have been found with Vizslas on them.  A thousand years ago the Vizsla hunted with Magyar nomads before settling into an area that is now Hungary.  Primitive stone etchings show the tribal hunter with his falcon and his Vizsla.  Favored by nobles they were highly regarded, however after two World Wars, the breed was virtually extinct.  After World War II around 1950 three Vizslas made it from Europe and were delivered to Kansas, where a very careful breeding program was put in place and slowly their numbers increased.  Today the Vizsla has developed into a premier sporting dog and a lively affectionate family member.  Photos hang within homes across the country illustrating extraordinary connections between the Vizsla and their families.

The Vizsla is more than a dog; he is a lifestyle. The modern Vizsla will thrive as an active member of your family.  They are physically active and emotionally attentive dogs known for their “Velcro” quality. They want to be outside with you and then inside with you.  They do not have a personality that does well left outside in a kennel. 

They will gladly fill the role of running/hiking buddy, hunting partner, agility qualifier or tracking expert, and of course a hunting companion.  They are superb athletes and supreme snugglers always looking for an opportunity to curl up next to you on your couch at home, but ready to go hunt the field for game birds at a moment’s notice.  Be prepared to challenge and be challenged by this highly intelligent, elegant, and beautiful dog. 

Having had Weimarners and German Shorthairs, many ask us, "what is the difference between, a Vizsla and a Weimaraner or a German Shorthair Pointer?"  We answer simply, "While we love them all very much for different reasons, most easily put, a Weimarner personality says, 'what can you do for me today', a GSP says, 'Ill need to decide what is on my agenda for the day and let you know if your on it or not', and a Vizsla whole heartedly says, 'good morning, what can I do for you today?'." The Vizsla Puppy Your Vizsla puppy comes ready to be sculpted by caring hands. He is exuberant and eager to learn.  He is smart but sensitive.  He will take to positive training but can be ruined by a heavy hand.

Exercise -The Vizsla was designed to cover upland fields with ease, so it should come as no surprise that your puppy will be energetic and ready to run! As a new Vizsla puppy owner, be prepared to engage your puppy in frequent periods of on and off leash activity.  Daily physical exercise will help settle your Vizsla for a more successful day.  Daily mental exercise will help boost your connection with your puppy.  Tricks and obedience skills will not only dazzle your friends but also teach your puppy to work for your attention and praise.  A few minutes here and there within the day will make a difference.  Just always end the session when it’s still fun for you both.  

Socialization -Socialization is important for all dogs and young Vizslas are no exception. Daily positive experiences will help your puppy grow up to be a well-adjusted confident dog that loves humans and dogs both large and small.  While socialization is a lifelong process, Vizsla owners are encouraged to seek varied positive experiences through the critical development periods (8 to 16 weeks) with health precautions in mind.  

Crate Training- Crates are a highly recommended tool for dog ownership. With proper introduction and application, the crate will become and essential tool for successful potty training and a safe haven in your home or auto.

Hunt Training -The Vizsla is first and foremost; a hunting dog. He was built to locate, point, and retrieve upland game with proficiency.  This is the “High Class Bird Dog” that the NVA strives to encourage and promote.  Should you want to cultivate your dog’s primary genetic purpose, we encourage you to get your puppy on birds early and often.  Talk with your breeder, I’m sure they could help get you started, point you in the right direction, or even put you in contact with a knowledgeable person or mentor in your area.  You may also wish to seek out experienced hunters using positive techniques who will introduce your dog to birds and guns with great care.  Gun shy dogs are not born, they are created by humans.

Competition -There are many fun activities you and your new pup could become involved in.   Your very “versatile” Vizsla should be well suited for recognition in many areas of ‘canine sports’ some examples of them are, Hunt Test, Field Trials, Agility, Fly Ball, Dock Dog, Nose work, Rally, and Obedience.  As does any sort of training you can do with Vizsla, the process of attaining “tittles” will also increase the bond between you and your dog even more so.

Safety- Identify your dog with a tagged collar and a micro-chip. A collar with and ID Plate having your contact information, will facilitate a speedier recovery in the event your dog becomes lost.  Please be sure to include a cell phone number, so if you are out looking for you Vizsla someone can contact you if they are found.  Also, remember to secure your canine friend within your vehicle to protect him from injury in the event of a quick stop or accident.

Health- Discuss with your breeder or veterinarian guidelines and requirements for vaccinating and feeding your puppy. There is a very special Vizsla Vaccine  protocol set in place regarding vaccinations, being very careful not to over vaccinate and to break the shots out as far apart as possible. While it is very important to avoid dangerous contact with unknown dogs and areas where dogs frequent as your puppy gains immunity, it is also very important to find safe ways for your new puppy to meet new people and dogs during critical development periods.

Neutering- Consult with your breeder or veterinarian for the right time to spay or neuter your Vizsla, keeping mind the maturation process of the dog. Current research/findings suggest early spay/neuter may increase health risks for both males and females.  Please make an informed decision regarding the procedure and the age at which it is done.

The NVA -The National Vizsla Association is a group of vizsla lovers just like you who are dedicated to the single purpose of Promoting the Vizsla as a High Class Bird Dog. More information about the NVA, as well as how to receive a quarterly publication dedicated to Vizslas and its members, please contact us for more information, or visit the NVA Web Site off my Helpful Links Page

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