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We started out getting a Vizsla puppy so we could teach her to hunt and maybe have some puppies.  Our breeder told us we had to put a 'tittle' on her if we wanted to be able to have puppies and register them with the AKC.  We were introduced to "Hunt Tests" where we were told she was "a really nice little bird dog" and we should take her to a Field Trial.  Well we did, and Kick Em Up Tikka did well there. Shortly after we added Bullet to our family where he did VERY well.

We got horses, a trailer, a bigger truck, more dogs, more horses, a bigger trailer and began driving further from home to attend more trials.  We moved to a farm so we could train at home and have our horses in the yard.  We have seen some of the most amazing country, with our dogs and on our horses.  We have made a whole new family of friends in the field trial community that stretches from East to West and North to South.  Making memories with them that will last a lifetime.  Smiling and cheering for not only our wins but for the wins of our friends and their four legged family members!

Well, you get the picture of how we got where we got and maybe you can understand how we got hooked on the dogs, the horses, and the game of Field Trialing.  We love it and can't remember what our life was before we started.

These dogs are our family.  We love each and everyone of them dearly.  Our home and farm is set up for them and our lifestyle with them.  While we do believe in crate training, we do not believe in making them live outside in kennel runs full time.  Some of our dogs are inside with us full time, everyone else rotates from their kennel runs and into the house with us for periods of time so we can be with them, maintaining our bond and relationship with each and every one. I spend countless hours a day at the kennel spending time with them and ensuring their happiness and care.  Vizslas need that sort of human interaction and for what they give to us in love, joy, fun, and thrill of competition, we feel that is how they should be treated, as family.

We do have occasional litters.  All of our puppies are born in our home, in a room set aside and made up for puppies and momma.  Mom receives the best care she can during her pregnancy and once the puppies are born.  Puppies are handled and socialized as they are raised in a normal household environment.  Please go to our Stud Dog, Ladies, or Puppy Page for more information.  We are firm believers in breeding dogs of sound mind and good temperament and free from genetic health issues.  We prove our dogs in the field which illustrates we are attaining our breeding goal.  We love to see our pups go to competition and hunting homes, but most of them go to pet homes.  The people who buy our puppies know that our Vizslas have been bred to be the complete dog and want to have a wonderful, smart, healthy family companions.  Just because they are house pets doesn't mean great care shouldn't be taken when selecting a breeder, parent dogs, and the puppy.  We are happy to speak further to you about this.